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SM Institute

2021 Fall Trimester
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5.1 – 6.30

Who We Are

SM Institute students dive into an authentic K-artist training program by extraordinary hands-on environment and highly personalized learning experience. Using our blended learning, SMI lightens the academic burden of students by providing online courses and allow them to have time to prepare for the future in more practical ways. 

SMI Key Competency
SMI students will develop creativity, grit, and self-directed learning ability along with their artistic competency, which SMI identifies as the most important competency areas for the 21st century required aptitude.

SMI Curriculum
In the first year, SMI curriculum consists of 70% structural courses such as lectures and 30% experiential courses such as project-based programs. In the second year, it will turn to a 50% to 50% ratio. In the last year, students will work with field experts and engage in professional artists, being ready to step into the real world.

– Must be a middle school graduate / rising 10th grader
– 2.5 GPA or higher for Fall 2020 grading period
– Must be interested in at least one major: vocal/rap, dance, music production, acting, model

The admissions office will review each step every 2 weeks and send a personal notification via provided email to inform the result.


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