Academic Program

온라인으로 수강하는 미국 고등 과정, 미국 학력 인증 지원

The online academic program provides a personalized course of study tailored to each student's academic needs, with guidance and counseling from the Academic Dream Builder. This program is divided into 5 areas: English, Mathematics, Natural Sciences, Social Sciences, and Arts and Physical Education. To satisfy the graduation requirements, students must complete the required credits in all areas.

The online academic program, taught 100% in English, allows students to flexibly take courses for each trimester according to their individual language proficiency. In addition, we provide a flexible curriculum in which the number of online classes can be reduced or increased, taking into account the number of classes in the artist program according to the project/field practice assigned by the student. 과목 수를 줄이거나 늘리거나 할 수 있는 flexible한 프로그램

What classes are in the academic program?

The online artist program consists of five fields: English, Mathematics, Natural Sciences, Social Sciences, and Arts and Physical Education.

After consulting with the Dream Builder, students will take individualized classes according to the language proficiency of each student.

Through the academic program, students will achieve American academic qualifications, broadening their future career options and exploring different possibilities. ⠀⠀

The ratio of classes can be flexibly adjusted according to each student's individual goal setting. It is operated as a flexible system that increases or decreases the amount of academic/artist classes depending on the individual needs.

Online US Curriculum Education Platform


Through the partnership with ADLS (Advantages Digital Learning Solutions), an American digital learning platform company, students will take an online US high school curriculum taught in 100% English, which can be recognized for their American academic background.100% 영어로 진행되는 온라인 아카데믹 과정

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