About Us

SM Institute is a joint venture established by SM Entertainment and Jongro Haneul Education, to bring up the K-Education wave globally.

We are an educational institution for dreamers with enthusiasm to become popular artists who will lead the future culture technology and seek the best way of making their dreams come true.

To remove the constraints of time and space, SMI blended online and offline courses and provide to students based on the personalized curriculum. Online courses will focus on academic performance while offline courses focus on professional training and project-based learning with the best instructors in the popular art industry.

Our Board Members

SM Entertainment is Asia’s No.1 Entertainment company who pioneered the K-pop movement in the global entertainment market and now aiming to lead K-pop culture into the new stage under their new identity, ‘Culture Technology ‘.

Jongro Haneul Education is Korea’s No.1 education company who pioneered popularization of academic industry and now aiming to lead the positive changes in both public and private education industry by investing on ed-tech companies and new form of educational institution.

ESteem has settled as the No.1 creative enterprise setting new trends in the field of fashion, beauty, art & culture, and lifestyle expanding its business into influencer management for the first time in Korea, on top of designer, artist, entertainer as well as model.